There is a number of researchers that have created different mechanism, techniques, and methods to explore uneven terrain by using mobile robots.

Tracked Vehicle

Fig. 1: MARK 12

The locomotion of mobile robots in the undeveloped outskirt area is one of the most difficult demands on the system. On one hand, as an outdoor robot it has to be fast and flexible on the other hand the vehicle has to deal with rough underground such as stones, gravel or stairs. Other important requirements are that the whole system is, on one hand robust, and on the other hand a lightweight construction to reduce the energy consumption and increase the agility. According to these requirements a drive system is developed which is shown in the figures.

One active flipper consists of two brushless motors; one motor drives the main pulley wheel, the second one is supporting the cantilever. The drive system basically consists of four pulley belts which are driven separately. Additionally the two belts (left and right side) and the middle belts can rotate individually. This is important for tasks like driving over uneven underground and climbing stairs. The body of the vehicle basically consists of an aluminum frame and the gaps, which are for reducing weight, are covered with carbon composite sheets.

4- and 6-Wheel Drive

The main attention of this work describes the development of a compact, robust and efficient in energy consumption. Both UGVs are based on the commercially available "Wild Thumper" and the RC Monstertruck "Bullet MT Flux 4WD" and a very fast in motion. The UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicle systems are very lightweight (5kg) and small in size but limited to implement more sensors and to drive in uneven terrain.

Fig. 2: Wild Thumper 6WD

Fig. 3: KAIMAN 6x6 von REELY

Fig. 4: Bullet MT Flux 4WD

Novel Mechanism

Several mobile platforms have been developed with four active flippers, robots with a simple additional flipper with one active DOF or the development of wheeled mobile robots, which participate in RoboCup Rescue League.
A novel tracked mechanism is developed and will be presented at RoboCup German Open 2013 in Magdeburg (GER) and RoboCup World Championship 2013 in Eindhoven (NED).