Fig. 1: MARK 12

Mobile manipulation challenges include negotiating the complex terrains and working on side slopes to reach victim locations that range from 0-40 cm, 40-80 cm, and 80-120 cm elevation. Mobile manipulators must also stow well to ascend the stairs and the inclined plane, and also deploy while under the conned spaces to identify victims. The main task of the arm is to manipulate a camera for getting a view into the victim boxes. That means that the camera has to be lifted at least 1 meter above ground. Enough degrees of freedom ensure to reach a wide range. Since the cameras and LRF, which is used, weights approximatly 1.0kg has to lift a high payload and needs to be very robust. Also the fact that the arm is mounted on a vehicle requires that the arm can stand vibrations and dynamic forces caused by bad underground condition. Hence the energy source is a battery the aim is to use electrical drives with low power consumption or use constructive methods such as breaks, retainer or worm gears.